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PokeSnipers Review: The Best way to Find RARE Pokemon on Pokemon Go

Pokesnipers Tutorial

If you are Reading this post , then you will Agree with me that , 

You have used Pokevision By now, haven't you ? 

Of course, you have ! Why else would you read this post ! 

PokeSnipers Tutorial by lwimtiaz You will also Agree with me that Pokevision made finding Pokemon way easier than walking ! We can find Any rare Pokemon that is in a Particular Area . You might also have used The Fake Gps method to find your Favourite Pokemon ! It still works too . But Unfortunately Pokevision had died after Niantic Disabled the use of 3rd party mapping system . From then finding a Rare Pokemon has become more difficult for Slowpokes like us ! what to do?                 So Today for the Pokemon Go lovers we are going to show you how to find your favorite Rare Pokemon using another site called PokeSnipers ! We have tested this site on our personal account & it worked Great ! I am also going to Share a Bonus Tutorial on How to Unban yourself when you Get Soft banded ! So keep on reading !

Before going to PokeSnipers Let us Know some facts about Pokemon Go . Or you can Skip this and Go to the Tutorial by Clicking here.  

What is Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most successful games by Niantic and Pokemon Company . It has more than 100million Downloads in the Google play store by now .  Here is an infographic from pixelroaddesigns about Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an Augmented reality game which is played using Your Phone's Gps . By now many Developers had made some 3rd party mapping system that let you find Pokemon's easily in your Area . Developers also  Discovered a way to Play Pokemon Go without walking or Moving !    
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What is PokeSnipers

Pokesnipers is a website which helps you finding Rare Pokemon's . It does not display a Map like Pokevision , rather than it shows you the exact Geolocation of a rare Pokemon . It means that it does not show you which Pokemon is near you or your Selected Area in Fake Gpa but it shows you where a rare Pokemon is Standing right now !

Yes, you read it right ! It gill give you the Exact Geolocation where Pokemon's like Charizard / Blastrois / Raichu / Vaporion is located ! 

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How to use PokeSnipers

 It is not necessary for me to mention this but you have to have a rooted android Smartphone inorder to use Pokesnipers ! If you are reading this you should already know how to play PokemonGo using Fake Gps . But if still, you Don't know how to do it I suggest you pause here and read this Article first : How to play PokemonGo using Fake Gps  . Done ? Great ! let us  begin !

Step 1 : Open  in your Android Browser 

Step 2 : Copy the Geo Location of your favorite Pokemon that is available in the list 

Step 3 : Open your Fake Gps app and hit the search button at the top

Step 4 : Paste the Geocode you just copied in the search bar and hit search

PokeSnipers Tutorial by lwimtiaz

You will Get a Location . Now just hit the play button and Open Pokemon Go app . You will see the Exact Pokemon that was displaying in the website standing in front of your trainer .

Using  Pokesnipers you can find more rare Pokemon within a Short amount of time !

Unfortunately Doing this Often will Get you Soft banned !  This is where my Bonus Tutorial Comes handy  !

How to Unban From Softban in Pokemon Go

PokeSnipers Tutorial by lwimtiazWhen you use fake GPS & PokeVision to play Pokemon Go , you often get soft banned . I have been banned more than 10times by now . But a few days ago i found a way to unban myself from the game . I didn't believed it First but when i tried it actually worked ! So today i am sharing my trick with you . Hope it will solve your Banning problem .

To unban yourself You just have to do one simple thing . 

When you see that you are banned and The Pokestops are not working for you , just spin the  same Pokestops 40 times !  It might seem stupid and time wasting , but trust me it works ! 

After spinning it 40 times you will see that the Pokestop is offering you with Pokeballs or resources . 

Then you can catch the Pokemon you Desire 

How i use PokeSnipers while being banned ? 

After choosing my favorite Pokemon in Pokesnipers i copy and paste the Geocode to fake Gps and open Pokemon go ! I pray that i have a Pokestop near me . After my Chosen Pokemon spawns i quickly Spin the Pokestop 40 times . After i get unbanned i start catching Pokemon's again . 

Using this Trick i have managed to catch These Pokemon's 

PokeSnipers Tutorial by lwimtiaz

And  was unable to catch this one's :'(

PokeSnipers Tutorial by lwimtiaz

Before Trying this Please read this :

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Thank you for reading till the end . Pokemon Go is a Perfect game for the adults and Kids . The Main Attraction of this game is to Go out and Catch them all ! The Main fun of this Game is to walk and Catch em all ! But despite walking we still Want to catch em all at any cost ! Niantic is banning every cheating methords available but still Programmers makes new ways to cheat in Pokemon Go .Niantic Had enough and Announced that they will Ban users who Breaks their Rules ! They did not meant Soft ban . They meant Permanent Ban ! yes , They will Terminate those accounts that breaks their rules ! 

using fake GPS or any other 3rd party app to Play Pokemon Go is against their rules . So If you want you can try this. But i discourage you to try this after August has ended . That is when Pokemon Go will Start the Banning of members .

//Update 21/5/2017//
Use this on your own risk because Pokemon Go Authorities has already Banned thousands of Members for using hacks like fake Gps permanently .... And Unfortunately Pokemon Go Does not run on rooted Devices anymore so you wont be able to run fake Gps from now on .

With that said thank you again for reading my Article. 

Did I miss anything? Are you facing any problem ? Do you have any questions for me? If you have, just leave it in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible

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For now Bye .  

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