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Welcome to Learn with Imtiaz ( Lwimtiaz ) – A community where you can find solutions to your Daily problems while you are using the Internet or using your Computer & smartphone . Also you can learn something new everyday ! In this page you will learn about why this website is still alive

Here is what you will find on Lwimtiaz :

  • Solutions to the Basic Problems Everyone faces everyday 
  • Learn something new about the Internet , about your smartphone and your Pc
  • Get some Latest Hacks that will help you with your Daily Tech life
  • Exclusive Tutorials ( with pictures )
  • Some hacking Tricks & Tutorials that will help you but won't harm anybody !
  • Latest Tech Gadget / Website Reviews that will help you choose the best one
  • Myths about the Internet

This site is dedicated to helping other with their Daily Tech Related problems . Here you can find many articles related to Tech . You can find Daily Tech tutorials , Tech hacks , security news and many more .... Because I've just started this Blog there's not much to write about .

Lwimtiaz is an answer to:

  • How do Hack a Facebook Account
  • How to hack My Neighbors WiFi password
  • How do i become a Pro / Leet Hacker

this will be updated within time )

About Imtiaz ( That's me )

 My Curriculam VItae in a Nutshell

Want to know about me ? cool ! So lets begin from my Childhood ..

I was born in Mohakhali in Dhaka, Bangladesh . I would have been the 2nd Oldest son in my family if my Elder brother wouldn't have died when he was born . My family raised me in Mirpur , Dhaka , Bangladesh . I attended Sos Hermann Gmeiner college for school & i went to Banophool Adibashi Green Heart College for college .

here is a picture of my School . beautiful isn't it ?

 here is a picture of my College . Not bad ei ?

I didn't have a pleasant time during my School time . Because i was lazy and a fool . I wasted my Time by doing foolish things that makes me regreat myself . Which almost got me  Expelled quite a few times! ( I am a survivor )

I studied Commerce / Business Studies during my College days .

I participated in My School Computer project Competition and Acquired a 3rd prize . That was the time i met blogger . But I knew nothing like Jon Snow ! But i knew something ! else how would i knew about blogger ?

Oka , Now lets get to the serious part .

So Here is How I Started Blogging

Spoiler Alert !! you are about to be bored !

I learned about html / css in order to edit my wapsite blog . I learned some basic technique that helped my modify java phone applications .I Started my own blog technotunes back in 2012 in the month of November . It was a mess and there wasn't that much blog like now . I grew fond of my Blog and decided that i will make this blog one of the Top Blogs in my country . I took care of my Blog for 4 years and have managed to get 1300members in my blog and almost 40000views . I Got 2000 Active Facebook page likes in My page .I was happy when suddenly i was betrayed by some of my admin's same as Ned Stark( a Game Of Thrones cast who is Dead) got betrayed .  I lost some valuable contents and Design's in my blog because some of my Admins thought that i stole that Design from his blog . Suddenly i was losing interest in Blogging . When it was 2014 for a false phishing scam report my Blog was suspended by the main host Wapka . I felt heart broken because  my 4 years of Hard work were taken from me and i couldn't get it back ! I left blogging from then .

( My skill list will be added once i have mastered them )

in 2014 I met some Hackers on Facebook who took me in their group and taught everything a hacker need to learn for hacking a weak website . I learned a lot of methods including SQL injection  ,  xss and most of the Top 10 vulnerabilities . From then i wanted to be a Hacker ! at the end of the year i hacked more than 300+ websites . ( sorry couldn't post the Mirror URL ) . I grew fond of it and then i realized it was a waste of time . Then i learned that this hacking can be used for good . So i quieted being a Black hat hacker and Started being a white hat or better know as a Bug Bounty hunter . I reported in several websites . Unfortunately   I got no swag or Bounty from them . Just a Huge Thank you !

because i haven't learned enough to Exploit Huge Companies like Facebook or Google !

I became interested in Tech again and I thought that i should start blogging again ! But now im prepared ! I also have interest in Creative works like Graphics Designing .. I learned a few things about Photoshop and illustrator that made me aware of the software on how it works ...

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About Us


Welcome to Learn with Imtiaz ( Lwimtiaz ) – A community where you can find solutions to your Daily problems while you are using the Internet or using your Computer & smartphone . Also you can learn something new everyday !