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Top Apple Keynote 2017 Announcements That you might have missed


If you didnt know already, Apple just had their Annual Keynote yesterday and after a long time showed us something different.

September is the month for a New iPhone. Today at Apple’s fall event  apple lauched their new Flagship phone iPhone X  which was the showstopper with a new bezel-less design, OLED screen, and many more. Alongside they also launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the New Apple Watch Series 3 (which Now supports LTE), and the Apple TV with 4K resoulution.

Fell asleep during the keynote? No problem, i got you covered. Here are five Important announcements from yesterdays Keynote.

The Below Images Are Collected from The Verge

The Now Iphone x (10) is Finally Here


Welcome Apple’s new flagship phone which is the iPhone X (which is pronoucned as “iPhone 10”). As you already saw the leaks it has a new Super Retina display with a new Body design. The new screen is  5.8inch OLED panel with support for HDR (both Dolby Vision and HDR10).

There is no home button in this phone,  instead Apple decided to put a new 3D scanning system which they are calling Face ID that unlocks your phone using facial recognition. They also added  wireless charging, and a new animated emoji feature for messaging whcih they are calling Aniemoji. 

The cameras are got an upgrade with dual 12-megapixel rear cameras with dual optical image stabilization, and an improved front camera that supported portrait mode. 

The iPhone X(10) comes in two colors which are space gray and silver. It’ll come in two storage configurations —
 64GB for $999, and 256GB for $1,149.

 The New iPhone 8 and 8 Plus feels like 7S

 Along side with the iPhone X two more iphones were announced before announcing iphone 10. These are iPhone 8 and the Iphone 8 plus. 

These phones got an update by adding a new glass back (for wireless charging purpose), a  powerful A11 Bionic processor, improved cameras, and many more. It feels like a nice upgrade to the iPhone 7, but it kind of feels more like a 7S.

The iPhone 8 is priced at $699 for a 64GB model, while the iPhone 8 Plus will start at $799 (also for 64GB), although both phones will also have a 256GB model for $849 and $949.

Preorders will begin on Friday, September 15th, with the new devices set to ship September 22nd.


The Apple Watch Now Supports LTE


The New Apple Watch Series 3 is the newest version of Apple’s wearable and guess what ? it is coming with a very big feature which is LTE connectivity, now you don’t have to be  connected to your phone.It will work with the same phone number that your iPhone has. The design is mostly the same

It’ll be out September 22nd, starting at $329 for the non-cellular version, and $399 for the cellular-equipped model.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Top 5 Announcements from Google I/O' 17 Keynote That you need to know


Google I/O 2017
Google I/O 2017
If you didn't know already,

Google I/O 2017 Keynote just took place Few days agp with Sundar Pichai showed us the companies road map to Android, Google Home, Google Assistant and so on.

As usual, Google Announced some big Updates to their software and products that they will release later this year. So here are some Big Announcements at today's Google I/O

Android 2B Monthly Active Users

Android Now Has 2B Monthly Active Users

The World Domination of Android is Growing at a large pace. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Googles Operating System has surpassed More than 2B Monthly users including Smartphones, Tablets, Android TV and many other Devices that is compatible with The Operating System.


Google Lens Can Understand the World Around you 

Sundar Pichai Announced a New Technology from google named Google Lens. With The help of Google Assistant, it helps you to Identify things around you and take action. It's a part of Googles new AI Technology. During a Demo, we saw that if you point the camera at something it can identify what it is. For example, if you point it at a flower it can detect what type of flower it is. 

Also, they showed us that it can also Automatically  Connect to the WiFi by just snapping the Routers sticker. It also showed that you can Take a photo of a store sign and Google Lens will let you know about its ratings and other necessary info!

You can also call someone from a picture using this lens!

Cool right? 

You might have seen this type of tech on Samsung's new Galaxy s8 Device

Google Assistant is Coming to iPhone

Google Assistant is Coming to iPhone

Yes, You've heard it right! Google Assistant is coming for your iPhone Device and you won't need to wait too long as it is Available for iPhone From today!



You Can Now call Anyone with your Google Home

Just like Amazon, Google is turning their Google Home Device into a Phone . You can call Anyone inside United States and Canada by just saying "Call Jeff" . And it's Absolutely free of cost! Google Currently uses a private number to call the recipient but you have the option to use your own number as well as it supports multi user Setup .


Google Photo Adds Photo Books and Suggested Sharing

Photo Books I learn with imtiaz
Google Photos is getting some new features . It will now recommend you to share your Photos with the person that they recognize in the photo . The Calls it "Suggested Sharing" . They also Announced Shared Albums in which Family members can add images to a centralized album . But you can share photos Only from a Certain date or a photo including a certain thing like your kids .

We all love to use Digital backup. But what about a Physical memory? Google Now Offers printed book of your photos which you can create directly from your mobile app, starting from only $9.99 . It will also recommend you certain albums based on your photos .

In the near future, Google said that photos will have a feature that'll allow you to remove unwanted items from your photo .



Google Makes Kotlin a fist class Language for writing Android Apps 

Google Makes Kotlin a fist class Language I left the best for the last! yes, you read it right! 

Google Just announced that Kotlin will now Officially support Android as a "First Class" language! Built by JetBrains Kotlin is a new programming Language

Kotlin has a Lot of similarities with java as it is Object oriented and Statically typed!

Oh yes, 

Google O the new Os of google is now available for Beta usage with some cool features including multi-tasking Popup window which they are calling "Picture to Picture" and much more. If you're a Developer be sure to check them out 

So what do you think of Google's new releases? Say it in the comments ... and thank you for reading.


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Friday, 31 March 2017

Galaxy S8 Review : The Redesigned Samsung smartphone

Galaxy S8 Review
Samsung is back !!

With their new and redesigned Galaxy Smartphone S8 and S8+,

Yes! you've heard me right! Now Samsung Decided to call their smartphone s8 plus instead of edge

After teasing it for a couple of months Samsung has finally Announced their new smartphone after the tragedy of their previous launch of The Note 7 ...

In this Article, I'm going to talk about the New Features of this new smartphone and some special features that might interest you!

// Stick around till the end because I'll be comparing the features of The Galaxy s8 with The iPhone 7  //

Before we begin here is a screenshot of the specification of the Galaxy s8 from GSMArena.

Galaxy S8 Spec

Finished watching it? Cool !

Let us begin ...

// The images are Taken from Marques Brownlee's youtube video //

1) Galaxy s8 Display & Design:

Galaxy S8 Review : display
First of All, Let us talk about the Design of the New Galaxy s8. As I mentioned before, Samsung Launched their new flagship phone with a touch of New Design! Samsung decided to loose all the bezels of the phone and increase the Display because bezels are so last year!

The Samsung Galaxy s8 is rocking a 5.8inch 2960 x 1440  OLED display and the s8+  is rocking a  6.2 inch OLED Display with the same resolution as the s8. That means a really sharp display. Both the Samsung s8 and s8+ has a curved display at the side which they are now calling the Infinity Display.

The Aspect ratio is 18:9 

 Oh yes, I almost forgot!

Samsung also decided to lose the home button as they have increased the Display size. Don't worry, The home button is embedded inside the screen now.
Also see: Nokia 6 Review

2) Security:

Galaxy S8 Review : Secrity

 As the Home button is gone, the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back beside the camera! It looks easy to access but for the s8+ users, it might be a little tough to get your finger there while holding your phone straight. And it is possible that you'll get your fingerprint on the camera


If you don't wish to unlock your phone using fingers can, you can try two new features which are the iris and the face Scanning. 
Galaxy S8 Review : Secrity

The incredible thing is that the  Face scanning feature is really fast. For example, if you look at your front camera and with a blink of an eye your phone unlocks itself!

2) Hardware:

Galaxy S8 Review : Hardware 
The Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8+ are running on Android 7.0 Nougat with 4GB Ram and 64GB of space with a memory slot expandable up to 256GB
The Navigation bar at the bottom is customizable and got a fresh new look to it.
 The galaxy s8 has 3000MAh battery power and the s8 + has 500more ...

3) Bixby:

Galaxy S8 Review : Bixby
Meet Bixby!

Samsung's New Personal Assistant which they gave a cool name, unlike Google's Assistant! It was high time Samsung got their own personal assistant because it kinda became mandatory to have one in order to push a phone to the top of the market!
They introduced Bixby with this Moto "whatever you can do with touch, you can do with voice." 

You can launch Bixby by a trigger word or By pressing the trigger button located at the left of the phone. Or pressing it will launch the Bixby Home screen with your agenda showing latest events, reminders and so on.

To have a chat with Bixby simply just hold the action/trigger button. Bixby can do a lot of things like adjusting brightness, taking selfies and even scan a photo to find information about it!

4) Camera:

Galaxy S8 Review : Camera

There's actually nothing special about the s8's camera. The rear camera is 12mp and the front camera is 8mp just like the s7. If you wish to see the camera's power here's a photo captured by the s8 by GSMARENA.


beside the Size and Battery, there aren't that much difference between the Galaxy s8 and s8+


There are some new Accessories That came with this new phone, and I'm going to write about it later on ...


// Features That the Samsung Galaxy s8 has but the iPhone7 Doesn't ~  

Galaxy S8 Review


  • The s8 has a Quad HD Supported Display whereas, the iPhone still has the 1080p supported display.

  • Samsung has introduced new ways to unlock your phone which are Irish Scanning, Facial Scanning whereas the iPhone is still stuck with the Finger scanning feature..

  • The Samsung s8 comes with USB type c fast charging feature whereas the iPhone has the lightning cable feature .

  • The Samsung smartphone has 64GB memory but can be expanded to 256GB storage .

  • You can change the default browser of  Samsung's smartphone whereas your stuck with safari with iPhone.

Price Range:

The Samsung s8 will be charged at $720 and the s8+ will start at $840 ...

Samsung doesn't like to waste any time so the s8 will be available in the market from the month of April 

Not sure about you, but I am super excited for Samsung's bew device because it has been tested to avoid unfortunate incidents like before.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to break the ice and give an awesome presentation


Tell me, 

What makes a presentation rememberable

Telling Funny jokes? Telling interesting stories and so on right?

Well these are known as Icebreakers
Breaking the ice or mostly known as Icebreakers are one of the most effective ways you can kick off a meeting or presentation.
If you can plan and execute it well, you can have a presentation that your audience will remember for a long time. If you already applied this on your presentation you know how effective it is!
And if you haven’t used it already … No Problem because today I’m going to show you some icebreakers that you can apply to your next presentation so that you can avoid "death by powerpoint".

death by powerpoint

But before we get into the boring part of the post here’s an infographic I made for this blog post that describes everything I’m about to tell you in pictures

Icebreakers infographic

For Large / Small audience

1) Make a joke on yourself
Try to avoid making really lame and generalized jokes that don’t have to do with you. Definitely, avoid jokes that might offend someone as well!
You don’t want to make a joke at the outflow of anyone in the audience or a joke at the outflow of the company but the joke at the outflow of yourself tends to work really well because you’re pointing at yourself so people can just laugh along with that.
For example …
“Before coming here tonight I was discussing my Friend bout this presentation and he told me that Be yourself, Don’t be boring and please don’t throw up in fear.’”
Don’t expect full blown laughter with any of these jokes, but it’s just kind of a teaser, just kind of warms it up.

2) Start with a question
Start your presentation with a question. It can be Raise your Hand type question or any type of question. Starting with a Funny / Interesting question is really good way to get your audience’s attention. The question can be like:
Can anyone here tell me the Current Population of the world? Or how many of you use facebook? Or is there anyone here that doesn’t eat junk food?
You can adjust your presentation slide with this question too
Can anyone tell me the current population Of Dhaka city?

Icebreakers Start with a question

Did you know the biggest fear of all human is Public speaking?

3) Start or End with quote
You can start or end with a good quote from any author or any famous person.  Good quote can catch the attention of the audience and they’ll be more interested in what you want to tell them

Icebreakers Start or End with quote

4) Make or ask the audience to do something
Make or ask your audience to do a simple task. It can be asking them to stand up / Do some exercise or Doing something fun.  This will keep your audience more engaged. Remember to give an applause to the audience for doing it.
Watch this video to get a better idea on what I’m talking about 

5) Tell a Story

In the middle of your presentation tell your audience short and simple story that relates to your presentation topic. Start story but don’t finish it … It will keep your audience more engaged and will make them eager to know what happened next?
Please don’t tell a Boring story
Most of the people are moved by Stories
Watch this video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about 

6) Introduce yourself:
Introducing yourself is important but don’t just introduce yourself, introduce yourself in such way that they will remember you …
For example: “Hello Everyone / Good morning everyone, my name is Kyle. I’m a student from the BBA faculty. Today our topic is …..”
Please don’t start like this! Instead, try this:
“Hi/Hello Everyone! My name is Kyle, So today I’m going to talk about how we can improve our Presentation in 5 Different ways “

Icebreakers Introduce yourself:


7) Break a news

While speaking about your topic tell your audience news or Information that they might not know! This will keep your audience thinking and it keeps them engaged

Icebreakers Break a news

8) Start with Fun Slide
If you’re going to give a presentation you might also need to use PowerPoint or Prezi to display slides. Make funny and interesting slides that will get the attention of your audience

Icebreakers Start with Fun Slide

9) Practice Practice & Practice!

The most important step of all! You can still fail after following everything I just said if you do not practice … 1 week before your presentation practice at least 10minutes every day for a perfect speech! Even popular public speakers needed practice before their huge speech.
Did you know: Steve Jobs rehearsed for 2 days before his apple presentation!

10 ) Watch Ted Talks

 If you wish to be a great public speaker but if you don’t know about TED, then my friend start watching. TED is a nonprofit Organization created in order to spread ideas, usually in the form of short and powerful talks by Public speakers from around the world!  They have over 2300+ talks that you can watch while sitting in your home relaxing. You can visit the Official Website to listen to their talks Free in cost.

Icebreakers Watch Ted Talks


Few tip’s to follow:

  • When you are presenting if you need to put a black screen on the screen just press b on your keyboard 
  •   If you wish to jump to a particular page, instead of minimizing your slide just type the number of the slide you wish to view and press enter

If you follow this Icebreaker Steps Hopefully you will have a Good Presentation that your audience and your teacher will love and you’ll be able to ace the Presentation.

Thanks for reading …

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Nokia 6 Review : Things you need to know about this Smartphone


Nokia 6 ReviewI'm back! 

And it's been quite a while since I posted something. Ok now let's get into the serious matter now!

It’s finally here! 
The day we all have been waiting for! 
After partnering with HMD Global Nokia is finally back with their first ever Android smartphone! 

Yes, you heard me right! 

Nokia’s own Android smartphone named as The Nokia 6! 

But before we go to review part let us look at the features of Nokia 6 in a nutshell:

Here's  a Screenshot from GSMarena :

Nokia 6 Review

As expected the Nokia 6 will run on Android 7.0 Nougat the latest Android OS. Users will now be able to use the millions of apps in the play store in their Nokia smartphones. 

Check this out 

Unlike those Lumia phones …

Nokia 6 Review
Click to enlarge

The Nokia 6 features a 5.5-inch 1080p Display with Gorilla Glass three protection. Talking about performance the Nokia 6 is powered by an Octa-core Snapdragon 430 processor.

Fix your Grammer with Grammarly. Try it for free!

It comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage alongside with micro SD support with storage up to 128GB and for the camera, we have a 16-megapixel camera with the 1.0-micrometer sensor and f/2.0 aperture with a dual LED flash and a 3000 mAh battery.

Nokia 6

And finally for the price The Nokia 6 will be playing the Mid-range market with a price tag of 1699 Yuan which is about $245.  But unfortunately the Nokia n6 will only be available in china for now but hopefully, they will launch it's worldwide very soon.       
The CEO of HMD Global said that they’ll be launching more phones in the first half of 2017      

 This Review post will be updated after More information have reveled

Do you think Nokia can regain its glory in the smartphone market once again? Tell it in the comment section below … 

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