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Top 5 Announcements from Google I/O' 17 Keynote That you need to know

Google I/O 2017
Google I/O 2017
If you didn't know already,

Google I/O 2017 Keynote just took place Few days agp with Sundar Pichai showed us the companies road map to Android, Google Home, Google Assistant and so on.

As usual, Google Announced some big Updates to their software and products that they will release later this year. So here are some Big Announcements at today's Google I/O

Android 2B Monthly Active Users

Android Now Has 2B Monthly Active Users

The World Domination of Android is Growing at a large pace. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Googles Operating System has surpassed More than 2B Monthly users including Smartphones, Tablets, Android TV and many other Devices that is compatible with The Operating System.


Google Lens Can Understand the World Around you 

Sundar Pichai Announced a New Technology from google named Google Lens. With The help of Google Assistant, it helps you to Identify things around you and take action. It's a part of Googles new AI Technology. During a Demo, we saw that if you point the camera at something it can identify what it is. For example, if you point it at a flower it can detect what type of flower it is. 

Also, they showed us that it can also Automatically  Connect to the WiFi by just snapping the Routers sticker. It also showed that you can Take a photo of a store sign and Google Lens will let you know about its ratings and other necessary info!

You can also call someone from a picture using this lens!

Cool right? 

You might have seen this type of tech on Samsung's new Galaxy s8 Device

Google Assistant is Coming to iPhone

Google Assistant is Coming to iPhone

Yes, You've heard it right! Google Assistant is coming for your iPhone Device and you won't need to wait too long as it is Available for iPhone From today!



You Can Now call Anyone with your Google Home

Just like Amazon, Google is turning their Google Home Device into a Phone . You can call Anyone inside United States and Canada by just saying "Call Jeff" . And it's Absolutely free of cost! Google Currently uses a private number to call the recipient but you have the option to use your own number as well as it supports multi user Setup .


Google Photo Adds Photo Books and Suggested Sharing

Photo Books I learn with imtiaz
Google Photos is getting some new features . It will now recommend you to share your Photos with the person that they recognize in the photo . The Calls it "Suggested Sharing" . They also Announced Shared Albums in which Family members can add images to a centralized album . But you can share photos Only from a Certain date or a photo including a certain thing like your kids .

We all love to use Digital backup. But what about a Physical memory? Google Now Offers printed book of your photos which you can create directly from your mobile app, starting from only $9.99 . It will also recommend you certain albums based on your photos .

In the near future, Google said that photos will have a feature that'll allow you to remove unwanted items from your photo .



Google Makes Kotlin a fist class Language for writing Android Apps 

Google Makes Kotlin a fist class Language I left the best for the last! yes, you read it right! 

Google Just announced that Kotlin will now Officially support Android as a "First Class" language! Built by JetBrains Kotlin is a new programming Language

Kotlin has a Lot of similarities with java as it is Object oriented and Statically typed!

Oh yes, 

Google O the new Os of google is now available for Beta usage with some cool features including multi-tasking Popup window which they are calling "Picture to Picture" and much more. If you're a Developer be sure to check them out 

So what do you think of Google's new releases? Say it in the comments ... and thank you for reading.


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