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How to break the ice and give an awesome presentation

Tell me, 

What makes a presentation rememberable

Telling Funny jokes? Telling interesting stories and so on right?

Well these are known as Icebreakers
Breaking the ice or mostly known as Icebreakers are one of the most effective ways you can kick off a meeting or presentation.
If you can plan and execute it well, you can have a presentation that your audience will remember for a long time. If you already applied this on your presentation you know how effective it is!
And if you haven’t used it already … No Problem because today I’m going to show you some icebreakers that you can apply to your next presentation so that you can avoid "death by powerpoint".

death by powerpoint

But before we get into the boring part of the post here’s an infographic I made for this blog post that describes everything I’m about to tell you in pictures

Icebreakers infographic

For Large / Small audience

1) Make a joke on yourself
Try to avoid making really lame and generalized jokes that don’t have to do with you. Definitely, avoid jokes that might offend someone as well!
You don’t want to make a joke at the outflow of anyone in the audience or a joke at the outflow of the company but the joke at the outflow of yourself tends to work really well because you’re pointing at yourself so people can just laugh along with that.
For example …
“Before coming here tonight I was discussing my Friend bout this presentation and he told me that Be yourself, Don’t be boring and please don’t throw up in fear.’”
Don’t expect full blown laughter with any of these jokes, but it’s just kind of a teaser, just kind of warms it up.

2) Start with a question
Start your presentation with a question. It can be Raise your Hand type question or any type of question. Starting with a Funny / Interesting question is really good way to get your audience’s attention. The question can be like:
Can anyone here tell me the Current Population of the world? Or how many of you use facebook? Or is there anyone here that doesn’t eat junk food?
You can adjust your presentation slide with this question too
Can anyone tell me the current population Of Dhaka city?

Icebreakers Start with a question

Did you know the biggest fear of all human is Public speaking?

3) Start or End with quote
You can start or end with a good quote from any author or any famous person.  Good quote can catch the attention of the audience and they’ll be more interested in what you want to tell them 


Icebreakers Start or End with quote

4) Make or ask the audience to do something
Make or ask your audience to do a simple task. It can be asking them to stand up / Do some exercise or Doing something fun.  This will keep your audience more engaged. Remember to give an applause to the audience for doing it.
Watch this video to get a better idea on what I’m talking about 

5) Tell a Story

In the middle of your presentation tell your audience short and simple story that relates to your presentation topic. Start story but don’t finish it … It will keep your audience more engaged and will make them eager to know what happened next?
Please don’t tell a Boring story
Most of the people are moved by Stories
Watch this video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about 

6) Introduce yourself:
Introducing yourself is important but don’t just introduce yourself, introduce yourself in such way that they will remember you …
For example: “Hello Everyone / Good morning everyone, my name is Kyle. I’m a student from the BBA faculty. Today our topic is …..”
Please don’t start like this! Instead, try this:
“Hi/Hello Everyone! My name is Kyle, So today I’m going to talk about how we can improve our Presentation in 5 Different ways “

Icebreakers Introduce yourself:


7) Break a news

While speaking about your topic tell your audience news or Information that they might not know! This will keep your audience thinking and it keeps them engaged

Icebreakers Break a news

8) Start with Fun Slide
If you’re going to give a presentation you might also need to use PowerPoint or Prezi to display slides. Make funny and interesting slides that will get the attention of your audience

Icebreakers Start with Fun Slide


9) Practice Practice & Practice!

The most important step of all! You can still fail after following everything I just said if you do not practice … 1 week before your presentation practice at least 10minutes every day for a perfect speech! Even popular public speakers needed practice before their huge speech.
Did you know: Steve Jobs rehearsed for 2 days before his apple presentation!

10 ) Watch Ted Talks

 If you wish to be a great public speaker but if you don’t know about TED, then my friend start watching. TED is a nonprofit Organization created in order to spread ideas, usually in the form of short and powerful talks by Public speakers from around the world!  They have over 2300+ talks that you can watch while sitting in your home relaxing. You can visit the Official Website to listen to their talks Free in cost.

Icebreakers Watch Ted Talks


Few tip’s to follow:

  • When you are presenting if you need to put a black screen on the screen just press b on your keyboard 
  •   If you wish to jump to a particular page, instead of minimizing your slide just type the number of the slide you wish to view and press enter

If you follow this Icebreaker Steps Hopefully you will have a Good Presentation that your audience and your teacher will love and you’ll be able to ace the Presentation.

Thanks for reading …

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