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iPhone 7 Review: Top 10 features That will make you fall in love

iPhone 7 Review

Say Hello to Apple's new Flagship Smartphone The  iPhone 7 with new camera's , water resistant , No Headphone jack and so on . Yesterday Tim cook announced the new iPhone 7 at  the apple Keynote and said that : It was the most advanced iPhone they have ever created !

Obviously, apple say's that in their every iPhone launch but this time, the iPhone 7 comes with some exciting new features that will make iPhone lovers fall in love with it . So Today in this post i am writing about all the New upgrades Apple has Announced at the Keynote event . If you are an Apple Product lover you are about to be blown !

Before we go to the features  let us know about some information about the iPhone 7 :

iPhone 7 release Date :

  • Pre-orders: September 9
  • Shipping from: September 16

iPhone 7 cost

  • 32GB    -  $649
  • 128GB  -  $749
  • 256GB  -  $849
 So without further adu let us see what makes the iPhone 7 The Best one in its kind 

All of The following Images Have been Taken From Marques Brownlee .

The "New" Design of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Review

If you notice the title you will see i have written New inside Quotation mark because the iPhone 7 has a familiar Design similar to the iPhone 6 and 6s with the same shape and Dimentions . But it has some improvements . Such as 

  •  The Antena band dosn't go across so the back side looks cleaner
  • The iPhone7 has 2 new colors alongside with the Classic gold , Silver , Rosegold color
  • The New colors are Jet black and black 
  • The black one has a matte look that feels good in the hand 
  • The Jet black has a Super Glossy look but is the slippiest iPhone ever ! It also catches fingerprints & Apple suggests you should use a back cover for this one 

The New Home Button of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Review


The new home button is similar to the force touch trackpad in the new Mac Books 
It dose not click like the previous one because it is a Solid state Glass button that work's with pressure sensitivity
When you click it will feel like your pressing the bottom of the screen instead of a button

The iPhone 7 is Officialy WaterProof

iPhone 7 Review


It is now official that the iPhone 7 is waterproof . It will survive under 50meter of water .So now you can use it under the rain , Take it for a Shower and so on . Although Samsung has the waterproof feature in their Smartphone for long time !



The New Camera of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Review
  • The iPhone 7 now has a 12 Megapixel camera on the back with f1.8 aperture
  • Optical image Stabilization on both the iPhone 7 and 7Plus 
  • new chipset
  • Raw image capture 
  • Front camera is Now 7MegaPixels
  • & yes the camera size is huge ! 

iPhone 7 Review

But the real camera update is on the 7 Plus . On the iPhone 7 Plus it has 2 12 mega pixel camera side by side . On the right it has 28mm lens and on the left it has 58mm lens for two times optical zoom . You can Choose each lens Separetly for taking the perfect photo . 


The Display of iPhone 7

The Display is almost the same with 4.7-inch, 1334x750 resolution but the Brightness is upto 25percent brighter and has wider color gamut so the picture will pop a little more than the previous one .

The New Sterio Speakers of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Review


The iPhone 7 has a speaker on the bottom downward facing and at the top  in the ear piece and this one is front facing . The speaker place is actually really weird ! 



The New Lightning EarPods of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Review
We already knew this was comming but yes apple has replaced the headphone jack with lighting ear pods . So .
  • No headphone jack in the new iPhone
  • Lightning EarPods included in  the box
  • Free Adaptor for standard headphones included in the box
  • Wireless AirPods available at extra cost

With Motorola they will be shipping every iPhone 7 with a audio jack adapter which costs around 9$ . Its good to know the price because you will probably lose it . 

iPhone 7 Review

The New Airpods of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Review

Apple Introduced the new AirPods that costs around 160$ . It is a pair of wireless Earphones that looks almost the same as Earpods just withut the cables .If the Earpods fits in your ear perfectly than this will not probably fall of from your ears . You have to charge them before using . 

To connect them just flip open the Airpod case and it will automaticly connect with your iphone . There's a Touch sensitive on the back of the Airpods that you double tap to Lauch siri . So, it has a lot of featur but it's 160Dollars ... 

The Battery of iPhone 7

  •  Longest Lasting iPhone ever
  • Will Late 2 Hours longer than the prevoius one

The Spec's in iPhone 7

  • New a10 fusion Chip
  • Better CPU for Better Performance 
  • Better GPU for Better Gaming
  • Two Quadcore processors 
  • No more 16GB . The iPhone 7 Starts with 32 GB from now 

Some Final Words 

Tbh this is almost the same as the iPhone 6 and 6s . People wanted Wireless charging but they Got Wireless Earpods . The Wanted Bigger Battery and they got Sia's Performance . Bit still iPhone 7 looks amazing and Hopefully You are going to love it .

Thanks for reading till the end .

Did I miss anything? Are you facing any problem ? Do you have any questions for me? If you have, just leave it in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible


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  1. Apple's engineering reason to get rid of the 3.5mm jack makes sense - it is pretty big inside the device. To me, that doesn't make up for the fact of the annoyance of wireless earbuds, or the annoyance that you can't charge the phone while using the adapter with ordinary earbuds. Apple is constantly focused on shrinking the device.

    1. Hi Shorab ,
      Thank you for your comment . Yes i agree , Who knows maybe they will one day get rid of the USB port also and will Replace it with wireless charging like Samsung .

  2. New iPhone 7 has bought some extraordinary features...know about it more

    1. Hi Creative thinking,
      Thank you for You suggestion

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