Friday, 18 March 2016

New Facebook Trick - How To Play Basketball in Messenger App

Love Basketball ?

Use Facebook often ?

Remember The Facebook messenger app trick By which  you can easily play chess with your friends while chatting in Messenger app ?

 It was a great feature by facebook . 


You can  go watch this tutorial by going here How to Play Hidden Chess Game in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has been adding new features this year that made their users more happy . The added Facebook Reactions That replaced the boring like button , They added a feature that you can use to play chess in your facebook messenger app and many many more . But many users found the chess game trick quite boring and difficult . So today i'm going to share how you can play Basketball using your facebook messenger app .


How To Start The Basketball Game on facebook ? 

It's really easy ! just launch your messenger app and start a conversion and send your friend a Basketball . Yes you heard me right ! a Basketball . But not an emoji or sticker . Send your Friend This 🏀  copy it


How To play Basketball in facebook messenger

facebook messenger trick

Before starting make sure you have updated your facebook messenger app to the latest version , otherwise it might not work

How to play Basketball on facebook ?

After sending the Basketball to your friend in facebook messenger, click on the ball to start the game. As soon as you do this step , you will see a basketball on your screen and 

facebook messenger basketball trick


you need to swipe the ball up of the screen to take the shot. After each try , your position will change and the game will get tougher and tougher as you score .

What are The emoji while playing Basketball on Facebook

Depending upon  your performance in the game in  Messenger app, you will be greeted with a frowning face or a flexing bicep emojj at the top . The game tracks the people in chat, so you can show off your skills in this virtual basketball game in facebook messenger app . 


One Thing I forgot to mention : This will only work in Your Messenger Android / I phone app . The web version might not work ( Didn't work for me )


SO what are you waiting for ? Give it a try :) I promise it's more fun than the chess game ..


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