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Top Best Ramadan Apps Review For Android & iPhone

Ramadan ,the Holy Month for the Muslim community . It is marked by Daily fasting . which means no food or water from Dawn to sunset for 30days . To help our Muslim brothers we have picked the Best 5 Different Ramadan Apps for both Android and IOS ( with Pros & Cons ) that will help you with your 30 days of fasting journey .

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We have tested this Ramadan app on both Android & IOS smartphone's and They work great ! Now we are sharing them with you
We are also searching some relevant apps for windows too . We are testing some right now and hopefully,we will add it to our list in the future . So If you are windows Smartphone user , stay with us .

So without further ado here is our Review of the Top Ramadan Apps of 2016 That you will love

1. Muslim Pro - The Top Ramadan App

Muslim Pro - Top Ramadan Apps
Muslim Pro - Top Ramadan Apps

Muslim pro is one of the best Ramadan app and for a good reason too ! the app has almost the same functions like the other apps such as fasting time , accurate prayer time based on your location and also recitations with phonetics and translations . Muslim pro also comes with a Digital Tasbish to help you keep track with your Dhikr and also the complete Hijri . 
Muslim Pro also comes with Allah's Complete list of names ( all 99)  .  The tabish function looks very nice

                                 P r o s      
                                C o n s
      1.     App UI Design very nice
 Not add Free. But it’s not a big deal here
      2.     Credit System that allows you to unlock Premium features
To use The azan feature , You have to activate location in your smartphone
     3.     Has a Stylish Tabish

     4.     Every function you use earn you a credit

You can download it for Android and IOS

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2. Ramadan  Legacy - Record  Your Ramadan experience App

 Ramadan  Legacy - Top Ramadan Apps
 Ramadan  Legacy - Top Ramadan Apps

Ramadan Legacy App allows you to record your Ramadan experience and share it with your friends and other people  .To me, this app Almost feels like facebook .It has a Profile system and Status update option too ! 

You can also see Ramadan Special videos and Blogs to increase your knowledge during the Ramadan season .


P r o s
C o n s
      1.     Very Nice User Interface
Requires Internet connection to use
      2.     It has a profile System like Facebook where you can track your Ramadan Experience
As this is a social App, it requires you to create an account using your email to use this app .
     3.     You can share your Ramadan Reflection with everyone else ( just like updating your Facebook status )

     4.     You can view others Ramadan Reflection too

     5.     You can use Ramadan planner to track your Ramadan journey

      6.     This is a Social App. So, Totally Ad free  !

You can Download Ramadan Legacy From here

3. Ramadan Duas & Azkar 2016 - Know The right way of Fasting


Ramadan Duas & Azkar - Top Ramadan Apps

This is a must have Ramadan app for your Android phone because it provides you with the complete list of Dua's you need for fasting . You can know which dua is best for the 1st , 2nd & 3rd . You can read the dua or let the app read it for you

                                 P r o s      
                                C o n s
      1.     The UI Design is Ok
 Not add Free. But it’s not a big deal here
      2.     Contains almost every dua that is required during Ramadan
If you leave the internet on while using this app you will get an ad popup every time you launch a Dua
     3.     App does not require the Internet to run

     4.     You can read the dua by yourself or let the app read it for you

 you can download it from here


4. Muslim Dua Now - An Array of traditional Dua's

Muslim Dua Now - Top Ramadan Apps
Muslim Dua Now - Top Ramadan Apps

This Amazing Ramadan app gives you an array of Traditional Islamic Dua's that you need in your Daily life  . The catalog is divided into 18 categories for searching . It's a perfect app for those kids and adults and those who are new to Islam .

The features are as follows :
  • Translation of Duas  
  • Transliteration choice  
  • Recitation  
  • Search feature 
  • 18 Duas Categories 

                                  P r o s      
                                C o n s
      1.     Beautiful user Interface
 Not add Free. But it’s not a big deal here
      2.     Contains almost every dua that you need everyday
The app size is quite big than the others (33mb)
      3.     App does not require the Internet to run

      4.     You can read the dua by yourself or let the app read it to you

The app is available for android and ios

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This list will be updated shortly .

Final Words – Wrapping it up

We use our Smartphones every day . We mostly use them for gaming and Facebooking . But if we can use our smartphones for the beneficial of our 30 days of Ramadan Journey it would be great .This is why we have made this list . Hopefully, these apps will make you punctual and increase your spirituality . You can find them on Google Play store or the app store . You can also find most them from many different app Sites . But I encourage you to download them from the official store . Because it's free and safer there . Most of the 3rd party app sites contain viruses and malware that can harm your Smartphone. With that said Thank you for reading till the end .


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