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How To Play Soccer/Football on Facebook Messenger app

Facebook is a stockpile of surprises. Every now and then Facebook launches a cluster of different stuffs which enhances its popularity among users. Facebook messenger is one of the apps that let you easily chat & share content with your friends on facebook. It's a mesmerizing app combining ways to share photos, record videos or audios, make video calls and so on. What's more amazing about this app is that it provides you the opportunity to not only chat with your friends but also play interesting games while chatting.


Facebook messenger trick basketball


Remember the upgrade which lets you play Basketball and Chess in facebook messenger? Loved that feature!

You can check out how to play Basketball & Chess while chatting with your friends in my earlier articles or by simply clicking on Basketball  or Chess.

Well, if you liked the feature and waiting for more games and especially if you're a Soccer/Football fan, call yourself lucky! The Messenger team has recently launched another feature that lets you play Soccer/Football! Yes, you heard me right! Soccer! You can easily play Soccer using your facebook messenger app.

So here is a small tutorial on How to play Soccer/Football using your Facebook Messenger app.

As I have mentioned earlier, before you start playing the game, make sure you have updated your facebook messenger app to the latest version. Otherwise, it may not work.

So let's begin!

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How To Start Football on Facebook

To start playing this game, just launch your facebook messenger app and send your friend the Soccer/Football emoji from the emoji keyboard in your Facebook Messenger app. If you are using the latest version, you should see the emoji button on the bottom menu while chatting with someone.


Facebook messenger trick soccer/football


Select the Soccer/Football emoji from the keyboard and send it to your friend. If you prefer copy+paste then copy this ⚽️  emoji and send it to your friend. Now just tap the emoji and the game will start.


Facebook messenger trick soccer/football


How to Play Football on Facebook


Well, this game is pretty much different than the basketball one and I can guarantee you that. So here are some tricks to play the game:



  • The closer to the center you tap the Soccer ball, the straighter the ball will bounce up.
  • Try to wait for the ball to come to you rather than chasing the ball.
  • Try to ignore those distracting visual and audio effects after you reach 10 points.
  • Most importantly, keep your focus on the ball.


Scoring System of Football on Facebook

Depending on your performance in each click during the game in Facebook Messenger app, you will be greeted with a frowning face or a flexed bicep emoji. The game tracks the people in chat, so you can show off your skills in this virtual Soccer/Football game.

One thing to be noted: This will only work in the Android / iOS version of the messenger app. The web version might not work (Didn't work for me).


SO! What are you waiting for! Give it a try! It's more challenging than the basketball game that I can promise you. This is a great feature for the Soccer/Football fans who love to do tricks with the ⚽️


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Did I miss anything? Are you facing any problem playing the game? Do you have any questions for me? If you have, just leave it in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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