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Pokemon GO: How to play it on PC the easiest way possible!

Pokémon GOPokémon GO is finally here! The app was launched last week in Australasia, the US and parts of Europe, with other countries yet to follow. But this location-based reality mobile game app has been spreading like wildfire over the weekend since its launch. But is this game only for the smartphone holders? What about the game-freaks who want to feel the chill of this game in their PCs? Well, you're on the right place to get your questions answered!

Pokémon GO
Article & Links Updated : 25/8/2016

Do you know that the Pokémon GO app has already reached 10 million users in a matter of a week? Impressive, isn't it! Using this app you can catch, train and battle with virtual Pokémons. To know more about How To Play This Game, check out this post from The Verge.

Pokémon GO
Credit : 9GAG

What is Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a GPS based game which uses your location and your smartphone camera to experience the game. The game has to be played while you walk, run or drive. So seems like Pokémon GO is not for the lazy people after all!

Pokémon GO

And as we all know, all the previous Pokémon Games have been compatible with only Android / iOS devices but not with PCs. This time, things are different! Thanks to a Youtuber named Travis D, there is now a way that you can follow to play Pokémon GO without walking out of your house!

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So today i am going to show you  step by step on How to play Pokemon go on your pc . You can follow this on your smartphone too . For Smartphone you don't need Blustacks .

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How to Play Pokémon GO on PC

Before we start, download the following software's that match your Operating System in order to play Pokémon GO and yesyou will require a Rooted android phone .

  To get the Latest version Check here Often : Pokemon Go Updated apps

 So Let's Begin!

1) Install Bluestacks:
Install the latest version of bluestacks from the above link. After successfully installing Bluestacks, disable the camera in your Bluestacks by going to your REGEDIT file.

For Windows 10 users: Search Regedit on the search bar beside the windows start button.
For Windows 7/8 users: Open run and type Regedit.

Pokemon GO

After opening it, go to the following folder:


Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge

Hit camera and select decimal and change the '1' to a '0' and exit out.

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2) How To Root Android using Kingroot 

Install Kingroot by selecting the app you just downloaded.

Click to enlarge
Run Kingroot and scroll to the bottom and hit Try it. Wait till it gets to 100% and hit optimize.

 Now restart Bluestacks (Right click the cogwheel at the top and restart android).

Pokemon GO

3) Add or Install Lucky Patcher and Fake GPS

Pokemon GO

After installing it hit the folder icon on the left side and select the GPS app you have downloaded.

Pokemon GO

Open Lucky Patcher and Hit Grant. Hit Rebuild / Install at the bottom.

Pokemon GO

Hit SD Card =>  Windows => 1st folder and  Find Fake GPS 4.6 .apk

Pokemon GO

Install Fake GPS as a System app using Lucky Patcher.

Pokemon GO

Hit Yes when it says Install as System app and Hit No when it asks to restart because we are going to restart it manually.

Close everything except the welcome page and restart Bluestacks.

Pokemon GO

Add Pokémon GO Game from the Apk Button at the left side.

Pokemon GO

Open Lucky Patcher and hit the search button in the bottom and hit filter at the top and sort as System apps.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

You should see fake GPS. Click on it and select launch. On the top right of Fake GPS app, go into settings and make sure EXPERT mode is checked.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Select any location that you want to spoof. Select the play button or whatever it is called when you find a suitable location. The map will close. It's not a problem. Just launch your Pokémon GO app and log in to your account.

If you get a message that wants to know your Location, hit no!

I should also mention that you have to turn off Google Location from the settings in your Android and select High Accuracy in mode.

Pokemon GO

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How To Play Pokemon GO:

Well, when you want to move, select the fake GPS app from the notification bar and select your location and hit play. Your character will move.

Some Problems You Might Face:

You might see GPS signal not found error.
Be sure to turn off both locations in your windows. If you are using Windows 10, go to settings and turn off the 1st and 2nd option.

Pokemon GO

Double check if you have turned off Google location and turned on High accuracy. If you still face any problem connecting to the GPS, select device only ( It worked for me ).

Still Getting Failed Location ? 

A solution by Travis D:

I found a way to fix "Failed to detect location".
First of all, download developer menu apk file (
after installing it, open it, and turn it OFF! (Everything is unchecked, but who cares, just turn it OFF from top right) 

Some other solutions by Travis D 

1: Please try removing your google account by going into settings => clicking google =>  hitting top right dots and remove account, re open Pokémon GO , it should still log you in without any problem. (Credits:zen)
2. Reinstall Bluestacks if above didn't work.

Please download correct versions of the softwares that matches your OS.

Here is My Game Play Screenshot by following this Tutorial.

Pokemon GO

If you absolutely want to catch 'em all but prefer video over text, you can watch Travis D's Tutorial :

It's not that complex as it sounds. It took me about 15 minutes to set this up. Although you can do almost everything, it's not how the game was meant to be played. You have to minimize the game and reload the Fake GPS App every time you want to move, select the location, hit play and the character will start walking. Playing Pokémon GO while walking outside is the main attraction that made this game so interesting.

Conclusion : Don't jump around too fast or else the game might ban you temporarily! Although this is a fun way to play the Game, it is against the TOS of Pokémon GO. So play this at  your own risk!

Pokémon GO is a crazy game. However, play with safety and don't act like this guy!

Have I missed anything? Are you still facing any problem? Do you just want to say Hi? Leave it in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

( Updated ) Playing Pokemon Go like this is Against The T.O.S of Niantec & you might get your self banned

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See you soon guys. I have to catch 'em all!


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