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Google Photoscan : Protect your Memory(photo's) with just 1 click

Google Photoscan - learn with imtiaz

How did we save photo's when we were just a little boy ?
Our parent captured it using a polaroid camera or a Normal camera right ? and how did they save it ? By Printing it and saving it inside a Photo Album ! Most of the time the photo's still get lost and it's sad when a dearest memory from the childhood gets lost like that !

There was no Google Drive or any fancy Online Cloud storage back then to save this photo's / But now we have them ! But how will we save our photos in the cloud storages ?

By Capturing the photos wth our camera or Smartphone ?

Hell no ! That's a bad idea . So how will we solve this problem ?

Well, google thought about that , and  came up with a brilliant app that lets you store your photos  by scanning it and saving it to Google Photos !

The Brilliant app is Known as "PhotoScan"

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It Lets you scan your photo with your Back Camera and Saves it as a full Photograph !

Wait Didn't You just said Capturing an old photograph Print using a Smartphone is a Bad idea !

Most of the time when you capture a photograph Print using your smartphone you are most likely to capture the surroundings of the paper also !

But with PhotoScan that's not going to happen !

Photoscan only captures your Photo and  It cuts of the surroundings 

After you Capture a Photograph Print using Photoscan it will tell you to scan 4 circles in the photo ...

After scanning all the 4 circles it will combine all 4 sides of the photo to 1

here's a Photo I Scanned and Saved Using PhotoScan

Google Photoscan - Learn with imtiaz
Me & My Brother

This was taken when i was like 8/10 years old ! This is the real picture ! I havent cropped it !

How To Use PhotoScan

Step 1 : Align the camera box in the photoscan app with the Photography print

Step 2 : Capture the photo

Step 3 : Scan The 4 Circles that are shown on the screen

Step 4 : Wait for a while and you'll get your Full image in the bottom right corner of the screen

SO what are you waiting for ? Download it now ! for

Learn with imtiaz

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